Jim Cross providing first aid services

James L. Cross Sr.

James is Amazon International's founding member with over 30 years experience in wildlife preservation, Humanitarian assistance programs and ecologically sensitive resource development. His extensive experience has brought balance in the need to preserve the resources of the planet while providing for it's inhabitants. He has worked as an expedition leader for The Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institute, N.A.S.A and many educational institutions.

James provided equipment and technology to help control the oil fires in Kuwait, Aided the victims of the Mexico City Earthquake and has offered his services during other national and international emergencies.

Trustees of this foundation include many respected doctors, scientists and researchers dedicated to the same principles of preservation and resource management implemented by James Cross Sr.

Jim Cross in the Amazon

Did You Know That...

Not only is the Amazon Basin home to rich plant and animal life, it is also home to indigenous tribes like the Matses.